Do I have to get naked?

This is your shoot. You get as naked (or not naked) as you want.

That said, wouldn't you want to use this opportunity to capture stunning, confident nude images of yourself?

But seriously, it's your call.

Why should I choose you?

Two main reasons why you hire me:

First – I create gorgeous photos of real men. I knows how to light men’s bodies to highlight your musculature – to find poses and expressions that best present your physique and your face.

Second – I naturally put people at ease. I get it from my mom. It’s actually the foundation of my photographic style. The relaxed confidence you see in these images cannot be faked – it can’t be rushed.

Yes, I’ll tell you if your smile looks fake or stressed. Then we’ll both work to fix it – as much time as is needed to get it right.

No pressure, just a journey that ends with an image that makes you pause.