I love to talk – but I hate talking about myself… 

I was born in Fargo during a wintry October in 1973. It was an idyllic childhood in wholesome North Dakota – quite Norman Rockwellish - family meals every evening, conservative Lutheran church on Wednesdays and Sundays, hefty doses of Disney musicals and James Bond (my parents were very strict about our TV intake, but somehow 007 got a pass).

I credit/blame Mary Poppins and Roger Moore for my slightly bizarre sense of humor.

Like so many other philosophy majors I ended up in law school – then at a series of soulless law firms. But it wasn’t all bad – I rediscovered my love of photography and a lawyer’s salary let me buy a nice camera and some lenses. Friends commented on my ability to showcase mens’ bodies while also capturing the truth of their personalities. Eventually the third law firm had the good sense to suggest we part ways – and now I concentrate on photographing men. My new boss is just as demanding as the lawyers, but the company culture is more festive (and the views in my new office fucking rock).

The good Lord graced me with an endless capacity for appreciating/relishing the variety and beauty of men – so it’s my mission as an artist to showcase these unique moments of real guys – all ages and colors and shapes. To surprise these men with their own sexiness. To instill confidence. To share some of those images here with you.

It’s a mission for unapologetic authenticity.


Minneapolis is home. Buster (my amazing husband) and, Maggie and Alice (coolest dogs ever) hold down the fort when I’m traveling for work. I’m working on two books – but I’m incurably indecisive, so it’ll be a while…